Dealers must value
skills for new world


I have been a business development director and/or manager for numerous large companies in South Florida. Most dealerships know this is necessary, yet they are reluctant to pay for the work. If you are going to embrace the new way of doing business, you need to be prepared to invest in the people who will get this job done for you (“Dealer: We must retool retail,” Oct. 16). I have watched sales managers do nothing except desk deals. They don’t want to get out of the chair at all. Many don’t have the manners or people skills to do a decent turnover on the floor.

They don’t train, and they don’t lead. But they get paid well. BDC reps who are working nonstop, pounding these customers to get them in, are paid a very small amount and disregarded as the people who sit in the back room. Someone needs to teach the value to the managers. If you don’t embrace the backbone of what drives the business to the dealership, you will never succeed in this digital world.

The biggest mistake is hiring a manager to build a department, train and mentor the team, then letting them go because the store doesn’t want to pay, and just assuming that somebody who is a good rep can take over, while they are paid half as much. Some people are leaders and have knowledge of the whole industry, while others are just great on the phone.

CATHRYN J. WINSCHEL, West Palm Beach, Fla.

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